About Nagisa Bali Enterprises

Nagisa Bali Property Management is a well-known company based in the beautiful island of Bali. Since established in 2006, we have been developing a high standard of property management. We started Nagisa Bali in order to concentrate on Luxury Villa and Property Management. However through natural and organic expansion our business has eveolved slowly into the necessary services need to provide complete property management and solutions. This ranges from managing properties, finding rental clients, provideing tour services for the clients whilst on holiday in the Island. For those that want a luxury wedding or event in a luxury venue we are able to provide that as well. This includes the necessary staff supply, staff training and staff services to take care of all the needs that may arise throughout the business life of the property. Below are a more specific description of each service;

Luxury Villa Management and Marketing

We started Nagisa Bali in order to concentrate on Luxury Villa and Property Management. Then we concentrate on the necessary villa marketing to ensure profitable reservations for villa owners. We are able to provide skillful marketing services to ensure high rental occupancy throughout the year. We create, marketing material, websites and offer competitive yet profitable pricing structures and packages. Our in-house design team will concentrate on your villas branding, image whilst our marketing and sales executives will succesfully distribute your villas booking schedule and availibilty through out Nagisa Bali's network of travel operators and booking agents.

We aim to act as a real partner to the owners, by managing their villa according to their own style and targets. The main purpose is to increase the value of the property and its occupancy rate as well as to ensure a great return on your Investment (ROI). The services will include: Property Set Up System, Property Operational System, Property Marketing System, Reservation System, Financial Report System, and Continuous Evaluation.

Property Care

Provide full supervision and maintenance of your PRIVATE HOUSES in Bali while you are away for short and/or long term. We will dedicate the time and effort required to ensure that your property is maintained to a high standard. We pay attention to details of your property needs and will be available to discuss your requirements. To find out more please visit the Nagisa Bali Luxury Villa Management and Marketing website

Luxury Villa Rentals and Hospitality

We offer a great selection of luxury villas for rent on the island of Bali. Each of our villas in our portfolio have their own personal features, ambiance, and style. Tell us what you like and we will surely offer you suitable options that will fit your personal preferences. To see what villas we presently have on offer visit the Nagisa Bali Luxury Villa Rentals and Hospitality website

Wedding and Events Management

Our portfolio of luxury Villa Management and Luxury Villa Rentals has increased year by year. Now we manage some of the most exclusive properties on the island, some are clifftop villa complexes offering spectacular opportunities for people to get married in truly romantic locations and enjoy their stay with family and close friends in the luxury accommodation that these venues offer. For more information please visit the Nagisa Bali Weddings and Events Management website.

Travel Activities

We are able to provide you access and information to tour services and reputable and reliable tour guides. This will enable you to enjoy the amazing tourism locations and activities available in and around Bali. We fully understand peoples anxieties and fears when traveling abroad without previous knowledge about their destination. With our experience and knowledge of the island, we are able to offer you the essential facts and information needed that will help you decide what to do and where to go whilst on holiday here in Bali.